When you invest in people and relationships,

you get results

Nancy has a strong work ethic and is committed to lifelong learning. Her own passion for acquiring knowledge and learning new skills coupled with her excellent interpersonal and conflict management skills make her an excellent candidate for inspiring and motivating others to set goals, take action, and achieve excellence. 


She is friendly and approachable and loves getting to know people.  She believes in developing working relationships based on trust and mutual gain.  She is goal-oriented and success-driven.  She believes in research and is skilled in data collection and analysis. 


Nancy is a skilled facilitator and an animated presenter who is well versed in the concepts of adult learning and universal learning design.  Let her outstanding leadership skills and her sheer energy, motivate you and your team to develop and implement customized action plans based on your needs and desired outcomes.


For more about Nancy and her work experience check her out on LinkedIn.

  • Enthusiastic

  • Motivated

  • Experienced

  • Organized

  • Flexible

  • Goal Oriented

  • Research Based

  • Success Driven

  • Culturally Sensitive

  • Bilingual

Our commitment is to our client's success and evolving culture

Nancy Riopel is a dynamic and highly motivated, professional with a Master’s of Science degree in Social Work and Community Services and an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.  Nancy is passionate about people and quality and believes that when you invest in people, you can't help but get quality results.



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