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Humanagement specializes in people-focused business solutions. 

Whether you're looking to improve your employees' organization, communication and problem-solving skills, develop your leadership team or engage in company-wide change or organizational culture shift, Humanagement has the knowledge, expertise, and spcialization to deliver customized strategic change and help you achieve lasting results.

  • Our services help you set strategic goals and develop and implement research based action plans that will help you meet those goals.

  • We make acquiring knowledge, developing skills, and building relationships fun and easy.

  • We offer a engaging, relevant, practical, and hands on solutions to keep you motivated and on track until you achieve what you set out to do.

  • All of our services are highly customized.

  • If you say "that was great but...", then we still have work to do.

Humanagement offers a services in both English and French

for the specific audience; whether it be a corporate team, a working team, a board, a group of volunteers, a sports team, a social group, or a group of adolescents, we can put together something to moves your team from average to awesome.

Humanagement is passionate about team building.  We’re interested in developing teams of all sorts.  Whether your team is having problems, or you are looking to develop a high powered team, we’ve got what you need.  Our team building sessions are always customized


relevant, interactive and hands-on.  Our clients leave our training sessions with the tools they need and a clear notion of how to implement them to get the results they want.

Humanagement offers a wide array of engaging and highly interactive soft skills training sessions.  Soft-skills training is available in generic formats for the public and customized sessions for our corporate clients.  All training session have clear learning objectives and are


Humanagement offers a gamut of corporate support services to assist organizations in actively defining a culture where strong interpersonal communication is not only encouraged but also supported and rewarded.  Having clearly defined roles and responsibilities, rich on-


boarding and retention strategies, and engaging and rewarding performance appraisal processes keep staff members highly engaged and lead to superior outcomes in terms of productivity.

products and software are right for the task and specifically how to do the task can greatly impact the time it takes to do the work and the quality of the results.  Increase computer literacy and confidence, improve computer skills, and learn step by step approaches.    Services are available to individuals and groups.

Computer and technology assessment, training and support services are intended to help clients optimize their productivity through their use of technology.   Many people have very basic technology skills and use very few of the features available to them.  Learning what


and develop action plans to make the changes and achieve the results that they are looking for.  Much of the focus of coaching consists of helping clients explore their relationships with others and improve their interpersonal and collaboration skills.  Humanagement provides executive, business, career and life coaching.

Coaching is one of the most effective and focussed ways of improving individual performance.  Coaching consists of informal but purposeful conversations which help clients develop insight and make the best use of their strengths and resources. Services help inviduals set goals


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