In times of crisis employees who feel their employer has their back remain loyal, committed and productive. Collecting information about the challenges your employees are experiencing is not expensive, but not being aware of these challenges is.

Employees who don’t have the
opportunity to voice their concerns
about the current work situation tend to:

  • Be less productive

  • Waste time

  • React negatively to their co-workers and leaders

  • Take more sick time, or decide to leave the organization

  • Speak negatively to others about their workplace

  • Behave in ways that require supervisor intervention

Why do an employee experience survey?

It gives you critical insight into:

  • How to keep employees engaged and productive

  • What issues are impeding productivity

  • What needs to be addressed in order to maximize results

  • What issues, if left unaddressed, are likely to cause problems for the business

  • Allows you to take critical action on what matters most for your business

A survey conducted by an outside third party helps employees share more openly and honestly. Humanagement will provide you with a report highlighting the issues and prioritizing recommendations to ensure your business is as productive and successful as possible.

Show them you are committed to supporting them through this crisis and they will commit to getting your business through this crisis.

Surveys starting at $350

Prices vary according to selected survey and number of employees

For inquiries contact:
Nancy Riopel - Lead Consultant

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