Providing training not only makes employees more productive, but it also increases their loyalty.

Hiring a new employee can cost
up to 30% of the job’s salary.

For an employee that makes $40,000 per year
that's a cost of $12,000 to hire a new employee.

Training is an investment!

People Development

Giving each employee the skills and confidence they need

to help the business succeed

Humanagement offers training, mentoring, and coaching services to help front line staff, supervisors, and upper management to

  • develop effective people skills,

  • improve their ability to efficiently use technology

  • work in a collaborative, cohesive and productive manner


Available as 

  • Individual Service

  • Component of a Larger Service Plan

Flexible delivery aligned with goals for change.

  • Traditional classroom learning

  • Available hourly, half-day, full-day, multi-day

  • On or off-site

  • A mix of theory, examples and hands-on practice

  • A focus on the implementation of skills in the workplace

  • See the topics listed below

Job Shadowing

  • Hands-on learning in the field

  • Trainer participates in daily business activities

    • Makes observations​ and provides feedback

    • Models and teaches skills as situations arise

    • Preparation, practice, and debriefing for the implementation of skills

    • Evalute current approaches and propose new approaches 


  • Intuitive learning based on self-reflection to solve specific concerns or situations 

  • Explore, practice, implement and evaluate the use of new skills with a focus on achieving specific results

  • Delivered individually or in small groups

  • Office or boardroom setting

The Benefits of
People Development
Enhances Employee Performance
Improves retention and attracts new employees
Increases engagement and productivity
Increases consistency in the way things are done
Enriches customer service
People Skills

Long term job success requires strong people skills

Stanford Research Institute 

Promotes effective communication
Decreases conflict and misunderstanding
Improves problems solving and self-awareness
Stimulates effective and efficient team work
Encourages creativity and innovation 
Develops strong leadership
Prepares new and potential leaders

The Technical Side of Communication

How we use email, text messages and software to collect and share information impacts how people work together

Learn when and how to use what form of communicatinon
Learn tips and tricks
to facilitate regular tasks in Microsoft
Learn what your software can do and access new information
Learn best practices for the task you do most

Using technology well requires training, support and a well thought out plan.

For a list of possible workshop/training topics, click below.

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