• Nancy Riopel

Why It's Important To Have Company Values

Updated: Mar 25

I’ve long hated vision and mission statements and the associated list of values. In fact, it wasn’t until I read The Advantage by Peter Lencioni, that I discovered why that was. After I understood my stance, it changed my outlook and the work I do.

Now when I work with companies on a strategic plan, I approach the task in a whole different way. It's important to not just look at the WHAT, but to really focus in and understand the WHY.

One of the most inspirational speakers on leadership, Simon Sinek notes -- “People don’t buy what you sell, they buy why you sell”.

After working with a number of different companies, and helping them with determine and revise their own company values, I've been able understand the importance and impact of ‘core values’, as critical to the success of the company! When a company knows and understands their WHY, as opposed to WHAT, their values stand out and become so much easier to implement and get their staff on board!

When companies start to live in their values, this is the common shift I see:

  • They hire people with similar values.

  • Existing employees will transitionally buy into company values and the organization’s processes (as long as they align with the core values).

  • Employees will work toward the desired outcomes (again as long as they are in accordance with the core values) and everybody wins!

A process of finding and living your true core values, is the defining route to achieving a corporate culture that helps your business thrive!


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