"Anytime the majority of people behave a certain way, the majority of the time, the problem is not the people.  It is the system...

A bad system will beat a good person every time".


W. Edwards Deming


Process Development

Disciplined thought, action, and responsibilities. 

How and why you do it is as important as what you do.

Humanagement offers process and business development services.  The primary goal of process development is to support collaboration and productivity to help the business achieve more.  Humanagement helps businesses assess their needs and develop, refine, and implement processes that help them achieve their business goals.


Available as 

  • Individual Service

  • Component of a Larger Service Plan

Flexible delivery aligned with goals for change.

  • Organizational behaviour and workflow design

  • Developing and refining processes and forms for a clear sharing of information

  • Organizational assessment and development

  • Change management

  • Strategic planning

  • Training needs assessment

  • Facilitation service

  • Performance management programs

  • Employee relations, engagement programs and engagement surveys

  • Conflict management

  • Workforce planning

  • Support for hiring, disciplining and dismissing

  • Behavioural profiling

  • Personality testing

  • Mental well-being programs

  • Succession Planning

  • Needs assessments and analyses

  • Program development / evaluation

  • Stakeholder consultations

  • Customer service improvement

  • On demand training package

Why Change in the Workplace is Good
Bolsters innovation
Addresses internal weaknesses
Increases consistency
Encourages collaboration
Promotes the development of new skills
Encourages the use of strengths
Improves customer service
Improves employee recruitment  and retention
Increases fit between goals and strategy and supports the implementation of strategy
Managing Change
Everything in business is done with and through people.  Understanding how to motivate change at all levels fo the company is essential

Kotter's 8-Step Process for Managing Change

A framework for successfully implementing and sustaining change

1. Create:

A sense of urgency

5. Enable:

Action by removing barriers

2. Build:
A guiding coalition
6. Generate:
Short term wins
3. Form:
A strategic vision and initiatives
7. Sustain:
4. Enlist:
A volunteer army
8. Institute:
Key Components of People Management
Recruit the right people and build effective teams
Get to know and understand the people who are part of the organization
Consider the lines of communication, listen actively, demonstrate empathy, encourage 2-way communication
Engage everyone to work together and value collective success.
Deal with issues head-on and resolve conflict collectively

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