"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision; the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

Andrew Carnegie


Team Development

Companies who value teamwork understand that their success is tied to how well their employees work together. 

Humanagement offers a variety of team development services that support employees’ to better understand how to effectively work together.  The goal of team development is to ensure that teams have a vision, goals, and direction, rules that define how they work together. Focus is placed on developing effective communication practices, an understanding of how individual actions impact the team, mutual respect, and a strong level of trust between members.


Available as 

  • Individual Service

  • Component of a Larger Service Plan

Flexible delivery aligned with goals for change.

  • Assessment of challenges and goal setting​

  • Training; characteristics and processes of effective teams
  • Activities to develop understanding and trust, encourage collaboration and have fun together

  • Debriefing to support the transfer of skills

  • May include facilitation of team projects and conflict resolution/mediation

  • Typically a number of sessions over a period of time in order to overcome problems

  • Less intense than team development

  • For teams that are doing well or teams that are not ready to embark on team development

  • Focus is placed on having fun together to energize or reward the group or get co-workers to view each other in a new light

  • Encourages the development of trust and collaboration

  • Half or full day session

  • An effective way to help employees learn to work more collaboratively

  • Each participant receives a report outlining:

    • Their particular personality characteristics

    • The types of employees that they might struggle to work with

    • Strategies to help them work more effectively with a variety of personalities

  • Half or full-day sessions

The Benefits of
Team Development
Improves productivity
Enhances accountability
Increases motivation
Promotes communication
Increases collaboration
Increases creativity and innovation
Improves morale
Improves employee recruitment  and retention
Group Activity Options
Murder mystery,  gameshow, scavenger hunt,  lazer tag
Boxing, obstacle course, yoga, bowling or team sport
Kayaking/canoeing/SUP, rock climbing, snowshoeing, survival simulation
Meal preparation, potlucks, paint and sip, building activities
Industrial visits, visit to museum or cedar medows

Our Group Activity Partners

In order to offer a variety of fun group activities we partner with


We welcome new partnership opportunities

Core Concepts of a Strong Team
Demonstrate a strong level of trust
Amongst members, between members and leaders, in the ability to achieve more together
Engage in conflict resolution
Addressing concerns head-on and respectfully working toward a resolution
Have a strong sense of clarity and commitment
Clear purpose, goals, roles and responsibilities, and a clear set of guidelines for working together
Focus on collective results
Valuing teamwork and team results over individual contributions and results
Hold one another accountable
For completing tasks in a timely manner.

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