For Teams

Teamwork is our Passion!


Whether you are a business, department,

working team, board of directors,
sports team, social team or any other kind of team, we can move you toward becoming
a high performance team.
Strong teams have members who share a high level of trust
and communicate very well.
 They share a common goal and
have well defined roles and responsibilities for each member.
A strong team makes each member better!
If you are ready
to invest in your team,
we are here to invest in you!

Humanagement offers a variety of team based services that can help your group move from average to awesome.

Our team building process is flexible and may include social activities, experiential activities and working sessions.  All team building activities are customized according to goals, strengths, likes and experiences.

In the end what is important is that your team has a vision, goals, and direction, a highly developed sense of trust, rules that define how they work together,  effective communication, and respect for one and other.  Team building is a process and the process is an important part of developing high performance teams.

Training on the soft skills helps team members work together better.  Strong  interpersonal, leadership, communication and collaboration skills are essential for team work.  When teams learn as a group, they also learn about each other, and the more team members know about each other, the more responsive they can be to each other.  Imagine having team members on the same page when it comes to sharing information, interpreting body language, asking for and providing feedback, making decisions, and dealing with conflict.  All the training on soft skills is highly customized to the target audience and emphasizes those skills which will really make a difference.

  • Terms of reference / charter development

  • Vision, mission, values, and objectives development

  • Communication strategies

  • Conflict resolution strategies

  • Team / member evaluation processes

  • Data collection

  • Branding

  • Continuous quality improvement strategies


If you are looking for additional resource management support, please let us know, if we can't do it for you, we'll help find someone who can!

There is value to exploring the technology available to help teams communicate and work effectively together, especially when team members are spread across geographical locations.  Emails and attachments and reply to all, really are not very effective for finding common availability for meeting times or developing a co-authored document.  There are many great collaboration tools out there that allow teams to plan their next face to face meeting, work collaboratively on documents, or other electronic files, and keep each other informed about progress on any outstanding items.  At Humanagement, we have experience with a wide array of technology that can meet your team needs.

Team coaching is often a process of helping each team member gain insight into their own behaviour as well as the behaviour of others.  A team coach assesses the team dynamics and feeds them back to the group.  A team coach also helps individual members to observe and learn from their own behaviour and the behaviour of others so that everyone makes conscious choices that achieve the expected results.

Team coaches often serve a mediation role.  By helping members to focus on their interests, a coach can help team members learn the team specific approach to achieving win-win outcomes.

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