Tired of generic technology training that is overwhelming lacks relevance, and seems to defy applicability?

  • Learn what type of technology can help facilitate your specific tasks.

  • Learn only those parts of the software/hardware that you are personally going to use.

  • Practice using the technology with your own data and projects.

  • Develop cheat sheets that appeal to your way of learning and understanding.

Our technology facilitator has many years of experience supporting others in the use of technology.  She understands that one size or one class does not fit all.  She believes that when people don't want to learn there is nothing that can be done to force them to  learn but also believes that when people want to learn there is nothing that can stop them.  For people to want to learn something, there has to be some reward. Thus her focus is often on motivating people to want to learn.  She does this by asking them about the tasks they have to complete and offers technology options to facilitate these tasks and make them faster to complete.  She isn't interested in getting people to use technology because they must, she is interested in getting people to use technology because it makes their life/job easier. 


Our technology facilitator uses the SMART approach to customizing technology training.


She believes that the training must be


Specific; clients should have clear learning objectives, skills that they want to learn, tasks that they want to be able to do, frustration that they want to eliminate;


Measurable; clients should leave the training with; 1) an understanding of how technology can help them, 2) an understanding of the specific steps that will allow them to complete their tasks using the technology, and 3) the ability to implement the skills that they have learned;


Achievable; clients should be honest about their comfort with technology and their current level of understanding and application so that training can build on their current knowledge rather than try to teach them to do things which are a little too advanced;


Relevant; clients should come prepared with documents, data, and projects and be ready to engage in hands on experience = this will ensure that what they learn can quickly and easily be put in to practice


Timed; technology training should be approached in manageable steps.  Information should be appropriately chunked and participants should have time to practice and get comfortable with the content and steps before any new material is introduced.

Humanagement Is Your Customized SMART Technology Solutions


There are many advantages to partnering with us:


  • We provide an assessment in order to discover where investing in technology/training may help facilitate and/or speed up task completion and reduce the likelihood of human error;

  • Training can be offered individually, or in small or large group;

  • Trainer helps learners to develop their own cheat sheets to help them remember and implement the skills after the training;

  • Trainer can be available for hands on coaching if necessary;

  • Training can be delivered in a single session or multiple sessions - training can be divided by topic and session length can be adjusted to meet customer needs/expectations, and schedules ;

  • Services are offered on-site significantly reducing the cost compared to sending employees off-site.  On site training often allows you to open the training to a larger audience and significantly impacts trainee ability to implement what they have learned;

  • We take confidentiality seriously: what happens on-site, stays on-site;

  • Collaborative training, same trainer, same approach, same audience, increases the power of learning.  Groups that learn together continue to discuss what they have learned and support each other in the application of knowledge and skills long after the training is over;

  • Our experienced facilitators bring you extensive experience and expertise;


Training and Support

  • Microsoft Office Suite

  • Windows

  • Browsers

  • Citrix

  • Learning Management Systems

  • Web Conferencing Systems

  • Social Networking

  • Web Design/Maintenance

  • Blog Developement

  • Graphic Design

  • Screen Recording, Video Editing

  • Google Plus, Scheduling, Wikis



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Tablets, Laptops, Projectors, Conferencing Equipment, Clickers,

Video Recorders, Cameras

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