The new normal is anything but normal and no doubt your employees are struggling to work at the high standards you are use to getting from them.  People are worried and preoccupied, they are having to implement news ways of working and they are likely feeling disconnected and confused.

Managers and supervisors are being called upon to deal with employee situations which are outside of the normal realm of what they are used to doing.  Clarity of expectations and regular feedback and flexibility are more important than they have ever been

Are you looking for support to

  • Develop a back to work plan or changes to processes to effectively given the current health concerns and government restrictions

  • Get buy-in from employees on your back to work plan or changes implemented for health and safety reasons

  • Keep employees engaged and productive

  • Learn strategies to cope with employee anxieties or resistance

  • Balance holding employees accountable with being empathetic to their concerns and needs

  • Keep teams working together and feeling connected

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Consider these services

  • An employee experience survey

    • Complete with report including recommended actions​

  • A workshop 

    • Leading through uncertainty

    • Working through uncertainty

    • Having difficult conversations

    • Working effectively from home

    • Conflict resolution

    • Motivating and engaging employees

    • Zoom Basics

    • Microsoft - Tips and Tricks

  • Facilitation of

    • Management brainstorming

    • Team meetings

      • Priority and goal setting​

    • Difficult discussions with employees

  • Team development

    • Sessions geared to support team collaboration and connectivity​

You don't have to navigate the new normal alone.  Humanagement can help you and your teams work smarter and more effectively though this chaos, ensuring better results now and in the years to come

By investing in your leadership and your employees now you will help everyone successfully implement and adapt to change.  This will increase productivity, improve retention, decrease sick and lost time, improve collaboration and decrease conflict

Services starting at $200

Available virtually (through Zoom) or in person following all government health rules and regulations

For inquiries contact:
Nancy Riopel - Lead Consultant

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