How to Curb Gossip in the Workplace

This is probably one of the most frequent issues that employers have asked for my help with.

When employers talk about Gossip they are usually referring to 1 of 2 problems:

How to intervene?

Remind employees that they have a responsibility to check on the accuracy of information.  Suggest that instead of engaging in the rumour mill, if they encounter coworkers being negative about something that they were not aware of, they should come to you with their questions or concerns.

When possible, bring employees together to openly discuss their concerns. That way you can lead the discussion and provide the necessary clarifications.  Be sure to follow up the initial discussions with timelines when employees can expect to hear more, especially if not all the decisions have been made.

Keeping employees informed helps them to feel appreciated.  When your employees trust that they will be kept in the loop and asked for input when possible, they will tend to feel valued and stay engaged and productive.

Always remember, you get what you tolerate.  Even though it's difficult to get involved and it may seem like you are doing it more than you should need to, it's critical to let your employees know what they should do if they have concerns or frustrations.