Team Development

Companies who value teamwork understand that their success is tied to how well their employees work together.

Humanagement offers a variety of team development services that support employees’ to better understand how to effectively work together.  The goal of team development is to ensure that teams have a vision, goals, and direction, rules that define how they work together. Focus is placed on developing effective communication practices, an understanding of how individual actions impact the team, mutual respect, and a strong level of trust between members.

These items are available as individual services or part of a larger service plan.
Flexible delivery aligned with goals for change.

Team Development

  • Assessment of challenges and goal setting​
  • Training; characteristics and processes of effective teams
  • Activities to develop understanding and trust, encourage collaboration and have fun together
  • Debriefing to support the transfer of skills
  • May include facilitation of team projects and conflict resolution/mediation
  • Typically a number of sessions over a period of time in order to overcome problems

Team Building

  • Less intense than team development
  • For teams that are doing well or teams that are not ready to embark on team development
  • Focus is placed on having fun together to energize or reward the group or get co-workers to view each other in a new light
  • Encourages the development of trust and collaboration
  • Encourages the development of trust and collaboration


  • An effective way to help employees develop their interpersonal communication skills and learn to work more collaboratively
  • Participants receive individualized reports which explains their behaviour in various circumstances and offers recommendations for individual growth
  • A variety of assessments are available
  • Individual and Group sessions support the implementation of results

The Benefits of Team Development

Improves Productivity

Enhances Accountability

Increases Motivation

Promotes Communication

Increases Collaboration

Improves Morale

Increases Creativity & Innovation

Improves Employee Recruitment  & Retention

Group Activity Options

Murder Mystery,  Gameshow, Scavenger Hunt,  Lazer tag

Boxing, Obstacle Course, Yoga, Bowling or Team Sport

Industrial Visits, Visit to
Museum or Cedar Meadows

Kayaking/Canoeing/SUP, Rock Climbing, Snowshoeing, Survival Simulation

Meal Preparation, Potlucks,
Paint & Sip, Building Activities

Our Group Activity Partners

In order to offer a variety of fun group activities we partner with

We welcome new partnership opportunities.

Core Concepts of a Strong Team

Hold one another accountable

For completing tasks in a timely manner.

Engage in conflict resolution

Addressing concerns head-on and respectfully working toward a resolution.

Focus on collective results

Valuing teamwork and team results over individual contributions and results.

Demonstrate a strong level of trust

Amongst members, between members and leaders, in the ability to achieve more together.

Have a strong sense of clarity and commitment

Clear purpose, goals, roles and responsibilities, and a clear set of guidelines for working together.

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