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Please Note:  Many services are available via  videoconferencing

Getting the Best out

of your Employees

Services to support employee engagement and productivity

Helping Businesses Achieve More
Investing in your people solves many business problems and helps
people, teams, and  businesses achieve more.
Motivated and Productive Staff.

Staff members that are happy to be at work and get the job done well.

Confident and Effective Supervisors.

Supervisors who set clear expectations, train and coach staff,  and  hold them accountable.

Focussed Management Teams.

Management teams that work toward common goals across all departments.

Constructive Teamwork.

Employees that share information and work well together.

Committed and Positive Workforce.

Excellent employee attendance and attitude, low staff turnover.

Successful Communication Processes.

Mechanisms to support the positive sharing of information across teams and departments.

Supportive Workplace Environment.

A workplace atmosphere that promotes collaboration and accomplishing common goals.

Effective Workplace Processes.

Mechanisms that help people share the right information at the right time and work effectively together.

How We Can Help

Humanagement specializes in people-focussed business solutions

Whether you are looking to improve your employees' communication or problem-solving skills, develop your leadership team, or engage in company-wide change, Humanagement has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to help you achieve lasting results.

Our Process

We help you implement tailored business solutions.

Explore the situation from a number of different perspectives and develop a better sense of why the people in your organization are behaving the way they are.

Clear & Specific

Before jumping into anything, it is important to have a clear idea of where you want to go.


How will you know that your time and effort has paid off?


Services can include a combination of classroom training, job shadowing, coaching, team building, and process changes​.


Change is difficult.  Good intentions, information, and skills are often not enough.  The right support can help you keep motivated and aware of what's working and what's not and why.


Get the best return on your investment.  Focus on results rather than tasks, and continually reassess what needs to be done in order to get where you are going.


Nancy and Humanagement have allowed our company to grow, and take our brand to the next level with much more confidence, and effectiveness than we could have imagined.


Over the past 1-year contract term, we have developed our communication and management skills to a much higher caliber.


Nancy's support and training have helped bring attention to the importance of fundamental factors such as consideration of others, respect, patience, and valuing our employees as our greatest assets.  Our management team now values these as "critical" to sustainable success.


Overall, our entire workforce is more efficient and more committed to the team.  There is much less conflict, people are eager to learn and happy to come to work!


Thank you, Nancy and Humanagement!


Maurice (Moe) Duguay - Director

Direct Specialty Industrial Services (DSI)


We hired Humanagement to help us develop better teamwork across the organization, so we could better serve the individuals in our care.  Nancy was very attentive to our needs and provided us with a variety of useful tools to empower us to work together.  She challenged all of us to be better and was committed to seeing us achieve this goal.


Personally, Nancy helped me gain confidence in my ability to communicate effectively and to engage in difficult conversations.  She taught me to look at things from various perspectives and to adapt my actions so I could achieve my goals.


I now face my workday with more confidence and  I am better at engaging all members of the team.


Suzanne Fournier - Director Children's Services

Community Living Temiskaming South


Why Choose Humanagement

We are in the business of behaviour change.

Many consulting firms focus heavily on strategy building.​  It is common for businesses to struggle with following through on recommendations and as such many strategies are never fully or successfully implemented.

We focus on skill development and behaviour change

  • We engage people from all levels of the organization

  • We uncover the internal people-problems that are stopping the business from achieving its goals

  • We train, mentor, and coach individuals  throughout the organization in people-skills

  • We help teams develop and implement the knowledge, skills, processes, and relationships that allow them to work well together

  • We help develop, refine, implement and evaluate the processes that support team work.