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Improving Teamwork.

We hired Humanagement to help us develop better teamwork across the organization so we could better serve the individuals in our care. Nancy was very attentive to our needs and provided us with a variety of useful tools to empower us to work together. She challenged all of us to be better and was committed to seeing us achieve this goal. Personally, Nancy helped me gain confidence in my ability to communicate effectively and to engage in difficult conversations.  She taught me to look at things from various perspectives and to adapt my actions so I could achieve my goals. I now face my workday with more confidence and I am better at engaging all members of the team.

Suzanne Fournier
Director of Children's Services

Community Living Temiskaming South
Community Living

Communication & Management Skills Development

Nancy and Humanagement have allowed our company to grow, and take our brand to the next level with much more confidence, and effectiveness than we could have imagined. Over the past 1-year contract term, we have developed our communication and management skills to a much higher caliber. Nancy's support and training have helped bring attention to the importance of fundamental factors such as consideration of others, respect, patience, and valuing our employees as our greatest assets.  Our management team now values these as "critical" to sustainable success. Overall, our entire workforce is more efficient and more committed to the team.  There is much less conflict, people are eager to learn and happy to come to work! Thank you, Nancy and Humanagement!

Maurice (Moe) Duguay

Direct Specialty Industrial Services (DSI)

Communication & Management Skills Development.

I would like to thank you for the training we did together.  It helped me to understand how to be an excellent team leader.  I now have great strategies to help me keep calm when dealing with challenging situations. I'm also much better at really understanding my staff and as a result, we' have developed great relationships that have reduced conflict and increased productivity. My improved communication skills have also helped me land more work for the company. Thank you for your patience in helping me to understand the value of strong people skills.​I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to be better prepared to deal with situations that come up.

Ray Lafontaine
Project Manager

Direct Specialty Industrial Services (DSI)
Kirkland Lake Division

Strategic Planning.

We chose Humanagement for the ability to customize their service delivery according to identified needs.  Nancy worked with our team to improve communication, relationships and improve workflow.  The results are improved direction with our strategic plan and a robust leadership team with vision.

Jean Carriere

Cochrane District EMS

Staff Tips.

We have enlisted Nancy's services on a few occasions over the past few years.  The information and sessions she has provided have been invaluable to our staff. The tips and tricks we've learned have all saved us time and put us into a position to get to the next level. This is a silent tool that I think most people overlook.  Great information, thank you!​

Danielle Genier
Owner & Certified Financial Planner

Ryan Perkins
Certified Financial Planner

Genier Financial Services
Genier Financial Services Inc.

Communication Styles.

I invited Nancy to hold a series of sessions on understanding communication styles within the workplace. Nancy was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. She used a variety of team-building exercises and shared handouts that enabled our team to gain a better understanding of our individual communication styles. We learned that communication styles can have a big impact on the overall work ethic and productivity of the organization. We were able to recognize the different styles and therefore work towards better, more effective communication. I would highly recommend Humanagement to assist any organization with team-building exercises as well as interpersonal communication skills training.


Bamby's Daycare

Soft Skill Development.

I had the chance to work with Nancy for a few months and it was an eye-opening experience. I was so focused on my day-to-day life and my heavy workload that I was missing some very important soft skills to work with a team. With Nancy’s help, I saw a huge difference in the development of a team approach at dealing with challenging situations.  She truly cares about the well being of her clients and she makes herself available when needed.  I would work with her again anytime!

Manon Higgins
Former Finance Manager

Municipality of Hearst
Heart Ontario Canada