The Importance Of Feedback In The Workplace

Many of the employers I work with share a frustration with having to repeat themselves. They express feeling that employees don’t listen and don’t apply what is shared with them.

Take a minute to consider how you provide feedback...

Do you do so with the intention of teaching, or in a tone that demonstrates frustration and leans toward reprimand? How would you receive the same information if it was being shared with you? How would it impact the way you approached and completed the task next time.

As a supervisor, the most important part of your job is to ensure that the people you supervise have the knowledge, skills, and resources to do their work well. Feedback is key to increasing employee knowledge and refining employee skills.

When providing feedback, be sure to explain to the employee why something needs to be different.

It’s important for the employee to understand how/where/why the work they did falls short of expectations.

Engage in discussion.

When giving feedback, remember to ask the employee why they approached the task in the way they did. Employees may have the knowledge and skills required to do what needs to be done.  However, they may need something from you in terms of resources to do a better job.  Asking questions when providing feedback will help you ensure you set clear expectations and help you better understand what each of your employees needs to be successful. Some employees may require additional training, a better rationale, or a better understanding of specific tasks. And some may just need a little extra confidence that some positive feedback can help them gain.

Take the time to set your employees up for success and you too will be successful.