What It Means To Be A Supervisor

Some people strive to be the boss and others strive to be the support.

For a long time, the term boss was the accepted title, and it truly described the role well.  It was about telling other people what to do and has a punitive undertone.

In more recent times, we have moved away from how supervisor and boss have been used interchangeably. There has been a shift in the role of what it means to be a boss, and we no longer find the term as an acceptable way to define a position of authority, at least not on job descriptions or on business cards.

So what is the ‘true role’ of a supervisor?

What is sad, is that this role is often not clearly defined for supervisors, and they aren’t often given the knowledge, skills and tools they need to do a great job as a supervisor.

Doing well in a frontline position is not sufficient to be a great supervisor.

You move from being responsible for outcomes to being responsible for people who are responsible for outcomes. That takes a whole new mindset and a very different set of skills. This is something I have had the pleasure of helping different businesses and companies successfully strive towards. Leadership is top down, so it's important to understand your role in a supervisory position.